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The following instructions are applicable for blackout tattoos only. Blackouts are very intense and require extra care. Please take this healing process very seriously.

During the entire process I recommend to keep the tattooed area away from direct sunlight, minimize bending and moving, avoid sweating and exercising, maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, drink plenty of water, avoid smoking, avoid drinking and other intoxicating substances. Avoid soaking, saunas, steam rooms or similar for 2 weeks minimum.

Now let's get into the details day by day.

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After your blackout session you will leave the studio with the tattooed area fully wrapped. Do NOT remove the wrap, you will sleep with it for the first night ONLY.

Do not consume any alcohol or other intoxicating substances. Have a healthy nutritious meal and drink plenty of water.



After the first night you will wake up with realistically a fair amount of fluids trapped between the skin and the wrapping.

Remove the wrapping and NEVER put it back on.

Take a shower with a COLDER than normal water temperature, the water doesn't have to be freezing but I would definitely keep it towards the colder spectrum. Hot water over the fresh tattoo will burn and feel extremely uncomfortable. Wash the tattoo with a neutral fragrance and scent free soap very gently.

After the shower PAT DRY the tattoo with a CLEAN towel or paper towel (AVOID rubbing).

This is the LAST time you will get the tattoo wet until it starts peeling. 

If the tattoo involves areas of the body with a crease (example elbow, wrist, armpit etc..) apply a very tiny layer or antibiotic cream only on the crease (do NOT apply over the entire tattoo).

Minimize bending and moving the area to the minimum.



On an average you will start peeling around day 4. Some people starts earlier some later and that's okay. Please follow these instruction until the day you start peeling.

Keep the tattoo 100% DRY, no water in ANY amount. If the tattoo is on an area that allows you to shower while keeping the area 100% dry you can shower. If the tattoo is on an area that would inevitably get wet  showering then you will not shower until the peeling starts.

Keep applying the antibiotic cream ONLY in the crease areas (IF any) twice per day.
Do NOT apply any moisturizer or lotion or ointment over the tattoo.

Keep drinking plenty of water



After the peeling has started you can finally get your tattoo wet in the shower again (shower only no soaking).

You can STOP applying antibiotic cream on the creases (IF any).

You can start moisturize the entire tattoo IF you want. If you decide to do that make sure you apply the moisturizing substance very very gently, (patting rather than rubbing) you do NOT want to accidentally rip any skin flake off while applying moisture. Ripping any flake off might cause loss of pigment.

As moisturizer AVOID vaseline and paraben based products. I would suggest a natural substance such as real argan oil or shea butter. Make sure you're not allergic to the substance by testing it first on a NON tattooed area. For example even tho shea butter works for the majority of people might induce a break out on certain individuals.

If you decide to continue dry healing with no moisturizer that is also OKAY.

Keep minimizing bending and moving the area to the minimum.

Do NOT pick any of the skin flakes, they have to fall naturally and without your intervention



Around day 7 to 14 the peeling process should have been completed. You can resume normal bending and moving of the tattooed area.


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